Bon Bon’s Nighttime Routine

Waffle Smash’s beauty guru sharing her nighttime tips! Everyone has a nighttime routine or at least in Bon Bon’s opinion should have one. Whether it is watching the episodes of…

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Bon Bon’s Morning Routine

Bon Bon's Morning Routine Comic Waffle Smash’s residential beauty guru sharing her morning tips! Mornings aren’t easy, but Waffle Smash’s beauty guru, Bon Bon, knows how to make the best…

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A Bon Bon Smack Down

No one gets in the way of Bon Bon when she's smashing! Check out our latest Bon Bon Video featuring Waffleton, Drumstick, The Fly, Monkeybrain, and of course Bon Bon!

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Beyoncé’s Producer Rich Harrison teams with Waffle Smash

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Wamba Technologies, LLC announces that they have formally signed Grammy-Winning Music Producer Rich Harrison to work with them. Harrison has worked with 50 Cent, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Eve, Brandy, Young Steff and Toni Braxton among others. Now Harrison teams up…

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