Bon Bon’s Nighttime Routine

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Waffle Smash’s beauty guru sharing her nighttime tips!

Everyone has a nighttime routine or at least in Bon Bon’s opinion should have one. Whether it is watching the episodes of your favorite show on Netflix or having that last bite of your favorite cereal before bed, we all have one. Now Waffle Smash’s beauty guru has a nighttime routine that preps her for tomorrow’s adventures!

Step 1:  Pick Next Day’s Outfit

Bon Bon likes to start out her routine by choosing her outfit for the next day. This helps her so she doesn’t have to worry about her outfit and gives her time to grab a drink from her favorite coffee shop! 

Step 2:  Messy room 

After carefully choosing her outfit for the next day, Bon Bon is left with a huge amount of clothes piled up from the floor to ceiling. So to have a more stress-free night and fresh morning she must clean, clean, clean! 

Step 3: Glass of water 

Bon Bon is a busy girl! To keep up with everything, she needs to be healthy. A glass of water before hitting the hay is a good way to end the day! Just make sure it’s not too close to bedtime.

Step 4: Wash Her Face 

Before going to bed, Bon Bon never forgets to wash her face! She starts out with a cleanser, toner, mask, and then moisturizes her skin. Without her amazing nighttime routine Bon Bon would have dry, cracked skin all day which would lead to a horrible makeup day. 

Step 5:  Bed Time 

So about 9:30 pm, Bon Bon is adamant about getting ready for bed. This is important to her whole routine because without her full 8 hours Bon Bon is not a happy camper. Before she closes her eyes, Bon Bon sets her alarm for the next day.

Stay tuned for more tips from the Waffle Smash beauty guru, Bon Bon! She loves sharing and helping out a friend. Learn more about Bon Bon here!

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