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The Fun Adventures of the Waffle Smash Crew!

The Waffle Smash Crew is back at it again with their funny and silly adventures. Enjoy the Waffle Smash comic strips where you can read the shenanigans that Waffleton, Drumstick, Monkeybrain, the Fly, and Bon Bon all get into. Be sure to check out our Instagram page to see updated comics weekly!

Bon Bon’s Morning Routine
Eat More Waffles!
Running Late (part 1)
Running Late (part 2)
Summer Bod
Flexible Schedule
Wall Art
Driving Lessons

Beta Version Available


Wamba World

Waffle Smash is the newest game release from Wamba World with eSports, virtual reality, and more games scheduled for release 2019-2020. You can count on the very best on family entertainment to be brought into your living room from Wamba World.

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