Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles – January 2019 Update

Added an option to submit a “Bug report”

The player is now able to inform the game developers of any issues with the game.

  • A button has been added in the settings menu that is labeled, “Bug Report“
    • Pressing this button will open a web page
    • The player will be required to give their email address
    • The player has an option to answer any or all of the 3 questions
    • The player has an option to give their phone make and model and the operating system used
    • This button will be in the map menu and the pause menu.

This information will be sent directly to the game developers. Bugs will be itemized and prioritized. All bugs will be worked on as quickly as they are found.

Updated the fly combination that was causing a game crash

Removed recurring animations, that would attempt to play simultaneously, as the flies reached their destinations. The Fly(flies) will now jump, fly to its(their) destination(s), and then the target item(s) will be destroyed. There will not be a “land” animation.

Lowered the “Skip Level” cost to 100 coins

The cost to skip a level will now cost 100 coins. This will remain until the levels have been thoroughly tested.

Updated the Fly dance videos to improve the facial expressions

The Fly’s facial expressions seemed bland. All the dance animations have been updated to increase the level and intensity of the facial expressions.

Corrected Drumstick’s “Waffle Smash” animation timing

Drumstick’s Waffle Smash would animate faster than the sound and destruction of chips. This has been corrected. Drumstick’s Waffle Smash is now aligned with the sound and destruction of the chips.

Corrected a bug that would cause the game to crash if changing characters

Changing Characters would sometimes cause a game crash. A new pop-up has been created as a buffer that will prevent this game crash.