Beyoncé’s Producer Rich Harrison teams with Waffle Smash

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Wamba Technologies, LLC announces that they have formally signed Grammy-Winning Music Producer Rich Harrison to work with them. Harrison has worked with 50 Cent, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Eve, Brandy, Young Steff and Toni Braxton among others. Now Harrison teams up with Video Game Producer and acting CEO of Wamba Technologies, Gary Denham, to create a public talent contest for their mobile video game “Waffle Smash: Chicken & Waffles.” While the details of this upcoming contest are being kept confidential until the formal announcement, what Denham has confirmed is that although the game is currently available for free download on both iPhone and Android platforms in their respective App Stores, the contest will be open to anyone connected to the internet and will feature a grand prize of having their work featured in their game(s) as well as $25,000 which will be awarded in person directly by Rich Harrison himself.

Said Denham, “Harrison is a genius and has the credits with Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige and Usher to prove it. ‘Waffle Smash’ is a fun and family friendly game. Bringing the world in to compete for creative additions to ‘Waffle Smash’ is just one of the many ways we are involving users with Doing, Creating, and Interacting with our game along with Grammy-Winning producers. As a CEO I want to build games that people want to play. As an artist, I want to help stimulate and encourage the legions of creative players out there who have talent and need a showcase and which challenges our players to get off the couch and become creatively stimulated and interactive with us.”

“Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles” is a match 3 style video game in the vein of Candy Crush but with their own unique flavor and experience. 

More information will be posted shortly at including the prizes and the interaction that winners and finalists will receive from the producers.

For more information contact Press Relations at WambaWorld through email to Jonathan Todd via [email protected].