Look no further, below are an assortment of activity and coloring pages from Waffle Smash for you and your friends to enjoy over and over again. Print as many as you like, break out the crayons, and get ready to party Waffleton style!

The Fun Adventures of the
Waffle Smash Crew!

The Waffle Smash Crew is back at it again with their funny and silly adventures. Enjoy the Waffle Smash comic strips where you can read the shenanigans that Waffleton,  Drumstick, Monkeybrain, the Fly, and Bon Bon all get into. Be sure to check out our Instagram page to see updated comics weekly!

Bon Bon's
Morning Routine

Eat More

Running Late
(part 1)

Running Late
(part 2)

Summer Bod

Flexible Schedule

Wall Art

Driving Lessons


Unlocking Phone

That Wasn't Fast!


Coloring Pages

Enjoy coloring all the different maps, characters, and adventures with the Waffle Smash Coloring Pages! Join in on the fun with Waffleton, Drumstick, Monkeybrain, and Bon Bon on exploring new places and trying new activities! Click the download button to download the file, which you can print from your computer or open in a digital art program to color on your device.


Activity Pages

Have fun connecting the dots, word searches, and more with the Waffle Smash Activity Pages! Print the pages out or open in a digital art program to color on your device.

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