Meet the Characters

Meet the Waffle Smash Crew! They are a fun bunch of characters who enjoy having silly adventures. There’s Waffleton, Drumstick, and the Fly who all have their moments, but are the best friends! 


Meet Waffleton the charismatic leader of the Waffle Smash crew! Though he has a big personality, he doesn’t let the details fly by. He enjoys making the best out of any situation making sure that everyone is having a good time. He and Drumstick have a fun little rivalry always trying to outdo each other.


Meet Drumstick the fun rival of Waffleton of the Waffle Smash crew! Though he may be a rival, he enjoys any good light-hearted competition. His determination can take him almost anywhere if he doesn’t trip on his own two feet first!

The Fly

Meet the Fly the cute sidekick of the Waffle Smash crew! He’s here for you, he’s here for me, he’s here for everyone in the gang. This cute and innocent fly just wants you to have fun and dance a little!