Comic Contest

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your idea, you are irrevocably giving Wamba Technologies the right to use your idea at any time without requiring further permission from you. Upon Wamba Technologies, LLC accepting your submission, you are irrevocably conveying all rights and ownership of all intellectual property, drawings, text, concepts, or other ideas submitted, and all derivative works, to Wamba Technologies, LLC for the price of $300. Payment shall be paid to you using the information submitted within 90 days of acceptance. Wamba shall notify you by email if your submission is accepted. Consent to use any submission cannot be withdrawn after submission.

All submissions from anyone under the age of 18 must be authorized by a parent or legal guardian unless emancipated and can provide proof of emancipation. All monetary compensation shall be paid either by check sent to a physical address or by PayPal. Payment information must be provided at the time of submission in order for submission to be considered. If the creator is a minor over the age of 12, credit shall be given to the minor with parental consent. For any submission from a minor who is 12 years of age or younger, credit shall be withheld until the minor’s 13th birthday at which point in time, Wamba Technologies shall update that particular comic strip to include the minor’s name for purpose of giving credit.

In order for a submission to be eligible for purchase/payment, which depicts the entire concept in detail and tells the story from beginning to end.  Incomplete ideas shall not be eligible for purchase nor shall Wamba be responsible to pay even if the idea is later utilized to create a complete comic strip. As an example, single word ideas, single phrase ideas, single sentence ideas, and single paragraph ideas shall not constitute an eligible submission. Submissions shall be submitted in the following format: Scene X/Box X: Which characters are involved, what are they doing, what are they saying, and where are they. Repeat from beginning until the end with as many Scenes/Boxes as needed up to a maximum of 10 scenes/boxes.

It is understood that Wamba receives many more submissions than it may be able to review and, as a result, not all submissions may be seen. Wamba shall not be responsible to pay for any submission it did not see even if the same or similar idea is used by Wamba after the submission was submitted if the occurrence occurred by chance and the submission remained unread by Wamba.  In the event that Wamba does use your idea, without having contacted you due to not having seen your submission, and as a result has not paid you, please email [email protected], and in the subject line put “UNPAID COMIC”.  Be sure to include the date and time at which you originally submitted your idea and our team will review it.  Even if the occurrence was accidental, in the interest of appearance, Wamba will still voluntarily compensate you for your idea at the agreed-upon payment amount of $300 despite having no legal obligation to do so.