Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles – August 2019 Update

Update 08/02/2019

Changed the volume settings

  • The volume level would sometimes turn off or go all the way up
  •  The volume level scroll bars have been replaced with “on” and “off” buttons
  • There are now 3 volume options instead of 2. These can be individually turned on or off.
    • Music volume
    • Sound effects volume
    • Character voice volume

Added an animation to the “current level” icon on the game map

The level icon that the player is currently on will now grow and shrink in size

Updated voice line mechanics

  • The first move in every level will always trigger a voice line and animation.
  • There are now 3 volume options instead of 2. These can be individually turned on or off.

Fixed some visual bugs

  • Waffleton would shrink on the game map
  • Waffleton would appear to be floating in the air as opposed to walking
  • Sometimes pressing on the “coffee” icon would not use the coffee item
  • Sometimes the “Win” screen would not appear after completing a level
  • Changed when the player was able to “double tap” an icon to get information on it. This used to occur every time the player double tapped the screen including: during the lose screen, during the win screen, during the fly dance, during any cascade or ability.

Updated the speed of the particles on the “hungry boom” being set off

The particles were moving towards their intended targets at half the intended speed. This would cause the particles to miss their targets. This has been corrected.

Corrected some spelling errors

There were some minor spelling errors on some screens.

Corrected the “lose” animations

There is supposed to be an animation when the player loses the level. This was not happening but has been corrected.

Updated the way that videos were shared

  • The dance videos have been removed from the game. This dramatically reduced the size of the game.
  • In-Game animations have replaced the dance videos
  • When sharing a dance video, the player will now be sharing a link to an online dance video