Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles – October 24, 2019 Update

Faster Fly Antics Animations

When the fly was set off by a match or explosion, it took too long to go to the center of the screen and then back down to an icon. The entire animation has now been sped up and smoothed out. It now looks better and takes less time to complete.

Fixed the ‘map level ‘plates’ covering character” bug

There was an issue with the level “plates” on the map covering the character if the character’s head was “over” that plate. We moved the plates around so that whatever plates would cover the character’s head would now not do so.

Coffee Drink Animation

When the player uses coffee after running out of time or moves, the character on the bottom right with now do an animation.

Replace “loading screens” with “hint screens”

The single loading screen has now been replaced with multiple screens that will cycle. This will make each load seem less stagnant.

Removed the level start “power select” option

The requirement to select which power-ups the player wants before every level was unnecessary and has been removed. The player will now be able to access the store from this page but will no longer need to select each power-up.

(Apple Only) Fixed the “Apple X ‘sound bar’ covering the top of the GUI” issue

The GUI for the Apple X has been adjusted so that the top “sound bar” no longer covers the uppermost section of the screen. This issue kept reappearing but will no longer be an issue.