You Can Earn $5,000!

The first person who win all 3 of the rarest collector cards in the game (cards 5011 – “Misprint: Sparks Between Us”, 5012 “Misprint: You’re Bacon Me Crazy”, & 5013 – “Piper’s Purple House”) and is willing to sell them to us will get a purchase price of $5000. In other words, if you win all 3 cards, then we will buy them from you for $5,000.  Here’s how it works.

Step 1. 

Obtain all 3 cards on one device.

Step 2. 

Email us at “[email protected]” to inform us that you have indeed won the cards.  Wait for us to confirm that you are in fact the first person to accomplish this. (We will only buy the first one who accomplishes this)

Step 3.

In the near future, the game will feature the capability of allowing cards to be traded.  We will sign a purchase agreement with you NOW where you agree to sell us those 3 cards together for $5000.  You will receive the money NOW, but then agree to give us the cards at a later date when the capability to trade them becomes available.

So... could you use an extra $5000?