Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles – December 2018 Update

Added a “Skip Level” purchase

The player is now able to skip a difficult or impossible level by paying 375 coins. The next level will be unlocked but the skipped level will not receive any stars. The player can come back and attempt the skipped level at any time.

2 buttons have been added to allow the player to skip:

  • On the power-up selection pop-up prior to starting a level. To the right of the lives button.
  • On the game board just below the “moves” icon at the top middle of the screen.

Changed the amount of coins given by clicking the “Collect” button

The player will now receive 700 coins by pressing the “Collect” button every 3 hours.

Corrected the “Coffee” cost when purchased after failing a level

The price for a single coffee, when adding moves or time after failing a level, was set to 30 coins. This has been corrected to match the store cost for a single coffee which is 333 coins. (A 3 pack of coffee is 1,000 coins making each one cost 333 coins)

Updated the sugar cube levels

Level 185 was not working correctly with the sugar cubes. This has been corrected and all other sugar cube levels have been tested. No other levels appeared to have any errors.

Changed the amount of coins received from the $1.99 purchase in the store

As the cheapest item in the store is 750 coins, the amount of coins received by paying $1.99 has been increased from 700 coins to 750 coins.

Player receives coins for extra points

The player will now receive coins based on the number of points obtained past the 3-star mark. This will show in the pop-up after the level has been completed.